The Monkey and The Crocodile

The Monkey and The Crocodile
The Monkey and The Crocodile

The Monkey and The Crocodile

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Once upon a time, there was a Clever Monkey, whose perch was upon a Red and Rosy Apple Tree. He lived very happy because he was getting enough food on that tree to eat. One day, on a bright afternoon, a Hungry Crocodile was in search of food and moving here and there.

After a hard search, he swam to the shore where The Monkey lived and told him, “I am extremely hungry! Do you have anything that I can eat?” Seeing to his worse condition from hunger, The Monkey quickly plucked and dropped some sweet apples to him.

The Crocodile ate them with great fervor and after finishing, asked The Monkey, “Will you give me these Apple every day? Whether I can come again for some?” The Monkey was so liberal that he agreed in his liberality and further made deep friendships with The Crocodile.

The Crocodile started to arrive day to day and they played on The Bank of The River and shared their talks as all friends do.

One day, The Crocodile told The Monkey about his Wife living on the opposite edge of the river and asked, “Can I take some extra Apple today? My wife is very fond of them!” The Monkey replied, “Why not? Of course!” and gave some more of them.

As The Crocodile gave them to his wife, she exclaimed, “Wow! How sweet and juicy apples they are!” And after eating, she deeply thought, “How sweet the heart of that Monkey would be, if he eats these with apples daily!” So, she told this to Mr Crocodile.

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But Mr Crocodile completely denied to kill that Monkey and convinced his wife, “No, I can’t cheat my best friend!” The Crocodile’s Wife was very jealousy of their friendship and decided to play a pretend.

On a day, when Mr Crocodile arrived after a long gossip with The Monkey see pretended to be sick and threatened The Crocodile that The Doctor has said that she will only be a cure if she eats a Monkey’s Heart. The Crocodile was completely stunned to listen to his wife’s words.

His dear friend was on one side, and a lovely wife on the other. So, The Crocodile went to The Apple Tree and invited The Monkey to arrive at his house, and have a delicious lunch with him and his wife. The Monkey again agreed with great pleasure.

The Monkey sat on the back of The Crocodile and both started to cross The River. But in the midst, the crocodile started to sink. In fear, the monkey asked him, “Why are you sinking in the river?”

The crocodile explained to him clearly and the brave monkey merrily said, “Oh! I would happily give out my heart to save your wife, but I had left my heart behind the Apple tree! Now, you need to go once again!”

The silly crocodile, as the monkey said, hastily again went to the apple tree. As the crocodile reached, the monkey quickly jumped upon the trees safely. He told the crocodile laughingly, “Hey, tell your wife that she had married the biggest fool in the world!

You even do not know that no one can be alive without his or her heart! And today, I break my friendship with you for forever! From now on, never come here any further for anything!”


This interesting story has two very meaningful morals, which are:

  1. Never underrate yourself, because bigger fools are there in the world than you.
  2. An intelligent enemy is better than a silly friend is.

Every Time is Story Time

By story, we can grow our creativity of mind because every story has a moral, and if we learn more we can learn new and good things. That is why you tell these all Stories to your children and tell them their Morals because, by morals, children can learn new and unique things. You can learn morals by reading it loudly. So, why are you waiting for? Tell The Story of The Monkey and The Crocodile to your child and tell him the Moral of this Story.

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