The Frog and The Mouse

The Frog and The Mouse Story
The Frog and The Mouse Story

The Frog and The Mouse

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Once upon a time, there lived a Frog and a Mouse on opposite banks of a large pond, who were very good friends. The Frog often times visit The Young Mouse’s House by swimming through The Pond and both ate a lot because The Mouse had very much tasty food available in his house.

One day, in search of adventure, The Little Mouse was wandering around his home. When The Frog saw The Mouse, he quickly came to his shore of The Pond and cried, “Hello Dear Friend, won’t you pay me a visit at my home? If you come, I can give you a good time!”

As The Young Mouse was very eager to watch the every part of the world, he did not required much cohabitation to agree. Although, he could swim a little. But he did not dare to take the risk of entering The Pond without any help.

This is “The Mouse, The Frog, And The Hawk Story”.

The Frog made a Plan. As The Frog was Master to swim, he quickly arrived at The Mouse’s Edge and tied The Mouse’s Leg to himself by a tight reed. Then dragging his foolish friend, he jumped into The Pond. The Mouse was extremely frightened and wanted to return to his edge.

But The Treacherous and Unfaithful Frog has The Plan to drown and kill The Young Mouse and take all his collected food. But before he could untie The Reed from his body that tags him with The Dead Mouse, a Hungry Hawk circling just above The Pond of The Body of The Mouse floating.

Seeing his food, he quickly swooped down and carried it away, including The Frog hanging from his leg. Therefore, at once, The Hawk got both The Meat and The Fish for his Meal.


This interesting story has three very meaningful morals, which are:

  1. People, who want to harm others, oftentimes harm themselves by their deception.
  2. We should never try to take the things, which are not ours.
  3. Others always get The Prize, when the foolish fights.


The Frog and The Mouse is one of The Famous Aesop’s Fable, number 384 in The Perry Index.The Frog and The Mouse” is alternatively titled as, “The Mouse and The Frog”. Aesop wrote and published this story in 1956.

This story consists of a Frog who kills a Young Mouse and tries to get all of his collected food. But as a Hawk comes and took The Mouse’s Carcass. As both were tied, The Hawk took both and ate them.

Also, earlier versions of this story are available, but each of them describes this lesson.

Every Time is Story Time

By story, we can grow our creativity of mind because every story has a moral, and if we learn more we can learn new and good things. That is why you tell these all Stories to your children and tell them their Morals because, by morals, children can learn new and unique things. You can learn morals by reading it loudly. So, why are you waiting for? Tell The Story of The Frog and The Mouse to your child and tell him the Moral of this Story.

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