The Bear and The Two Friends

The Bear and The Two Friends
The Bear and The Two Friends

The Bear and The Two Friends.

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Once upon a time, there were two friends who were traveling and happened to pass by a forest. While walking in the forest, they very well knew that any danger could occur with them at anyway, anytime.

Therefore, they promised to each other that in any case of danger, they would face and help it together. Just as they promised, suddenly, both saw a big bear running towards them. As the first friend was fit and healthy, so he climbed upon a nearby tree.

However, the second one was much fatter that he was not even able to run properly. Therefore, using his knowledge and common sense, he laid down on the ground holding his breath and pretending that he is dead.

The bear put his nose near his ears, smelt, gradually left that place and went into the jungle. This happened because, bears do not touch the dead creatures. Now, the friend climbed upon the tree came down and asked his friend on the ground, “I saw the bear whispering something in your ears.

Friend, what the bear told you?” The second friend looked at his friend in disappointment and answered, “The bear advised me, never to believe a false friend who saves only himself in danger!” You are reading story The Bear and The Two Friends.


This interesting story has two very meaningful morals, which are:

  1. True friends are identified at the times of danger.
  2. Who always supports and stands by you in every situation is only your true friend.

Every Time is Story Time

By story, we can grow our creativity of mind because every story has a moral, and if we learn more we can learn new and good things. That is why you tell these all Stories to your children and tell them their Morals because, by morals, children can learn new and unique things. You can learn morals by reading it loudly. So, why are you waiting for? Tell The Story of The Bear and The Two Friends to your child and tell him the Moral of this Story.

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