The Bat, The Birds and The Beasts

The Bat, The Birds and The Beasts
The Bat, The Birds and The Beasts

The Bat, The Birds and The Beasts.

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Once upon a time, in the jungle, a fierce and horrific battle started between the birds and the beasts. The king of bird’s team was eagle, whereas lion was the king from beasts favor.

They both took their teeth and claws to the battlefield, because no deal was possible. Both have their own reason to fight, such as geese species has to face the fox family teeth, the eagle pounced upon the rabbit and many other.

On the first battle day, it was a terrible and horrific battle. Many hens and geese died, and eagles killed many rabbits and mice and they both stopped at the evening for parties in pleasure of damaging the opponent team.

However, the bat family did not entirely joined both the teams, as they were extremely politic. Therefore, when they saw the first day that the beasts are getting heavier on the birds, they immediately joined beast’s side.

But on the next day, on the battlefield, as the birds were heavier, the bat family instantly rushed, joined and seated with the birds team.

However, when the war ended, both did an agreement among themselves. The bat family was declared as the deceitful family, and then neither the birds, nor the beasts accepted them. Finally, the bat family had to hide in the dark hills and getting out only at night.


This interesting story has two very meaningful morals, which are:

  1. Not anyone is friend of a cheater.
  2. Who is neither one nor the other, has no friends.

Every Time is Story Time

By story, we can grow our creativity of mind because every story has a moral, and if we learn more we can learn new and good things. That is why you tell these all Stories to your children and tell them their Morals because, by morals, children can learn new and unique things. You can learn morals by reading it loudly. So, why are you waiting for? Tell The Story of The Bat, The Birds and The Beasts to your child and tell him the Moral of this Story.

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