October 30, 2020

Population Essay

Population Essay

Population Essay

Population Essay

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Essay on Population 600+ Words

Today, almost all of us are properly acquainted with this famous term “Population”. The Total Number of Beings living in a particular area is denoted as Population. Population assists us to estimate The Number of Creatures existing on our Earth accordingly.

For example, we can estimate The Number of Resources needed, if we know The Exact Population of a city. Likewise, we can perform this for animals as well. We can see how much concern Population causes, if we take a closer look to human’s population.

As we know that resources are limited and continuous population increase or population explosion is worsening its condition. On the other hand, low population issues are present as well in some areas.

In this Population Essay, we will discuss Its Crisis, Impact, Growth and many other key points deeply.

India Population Crisis

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Today, India is facing a massive Population Crisis, because of Population Explosion (Jansankhya Visphot). We can say that about 17% of world’s population lives in India alone, if we guess. In The List of Most Populous Countries, India’s position is Second.

Apart from this, one of the country with low literacy rate is India. In general, it is seen that there are more number of children from poor and illiterate class.

This mainly happens because they are not enough knowledgeable about Birth Control Methods. Also, more members in a family means more assisting hands, this means better opportunities to earn.

Furthermore, these classes perform child marriage. This too is a big cause of overpopulation.

The Population Explosion Crisis is just an add-on to The Problem of Shortage of Resources. Thus, to get equal shares of resources, it makes this quiet harder. Therefore, rich becomes richer and poor becomes poorer.

Impact of Population Explosion

Not only human beings are getting affect, but also the population is harming our environment and wildlife. Due to various factors, several species of numerous animals and birds have gone extinct.

Deforestation is occurring on a faster rate, because more population requires more resources and land. In addition, it is taking away the homes of other organisms. Likewise, due to human activities, their habitat is being hurt.

Later on, due to population explosion, Pollution levels are on the raise. Our Air is getting pollute, because more and more people are buying personal transport, instead of using public transport.

Furthermore, calls for faster rate of industrialisation have risen.

In return, these industries degrade and harm our life quality and pollute our lands and water. Moreover, due to some harmful human activities, Our Beautiful Climate is facing gruelling changes.

It should the monitored just now, because it is causing great harm.

One of the biggest factor of The Climatic Change is Global warming, which happens because of human activities. Still human can adapt the climate and withstand accordingly, however, animals cannot.

That’s why, our Wildlife is on faster extinction too. Alternatively, we can say that, a person always thinks about himself well-being, in other words, becomes selfish. He / she ignore the harmful impacts on their environment.

We won’t be able to survive any longer if the population continues to raise at this rate. Harmful consequences come, as the population grows. Thus, we must take significant measures to handle the population.

World Population Day

The World Population Day 2021 will be celebrated on Sunday, 11 July, 2021.

The World Population Day 2020 Theme was — “Safeguard The Health and Rights of Women and Girls Now

World Population Day is a yearly-observed event on July 11, which seeks to spread awareness about global population issues. Firstly, The Governing Council of The United Nations Development Programme started this event in 1989.

It was inspired by the public interest in Five Billion Day on July 11, 1987. The world’s population reached five billion on this date.

World Population Day targets to raise people’s consciousness on various population problems such as The Family Planning Importance, human rights, poverty, maternal health and gender equality.

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A1. The Total Number of Beings living in a particular area is denoted as Population. Population assists us to estimate The Number of Creatures existing on our Earth accordingly.

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