Nature Essay

Nature Essay
Nature Essay

Nature Essay

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Nature is a significant and inseparable member of humanity. It is an excellent blessing for humankind, but these days humans fail to identify this.

Actually, nature is everything by which all of us are alive such as, the air we breathe, the birds chirping we hear, the water we drink, the moon on which we stare, and a lot more.

Nature is referred as the whole physical world spread around us in a wide sense. It consists of our environment, weather, landscapes, flora and fauna. We denote nature as the beautiful mixture of our surrounding.

In other words, nature is our mother. We should be thankful to God for it. The term “Nature” is well known and very famous, and it is derived from a Latin word, “Natura” that means “Essential Quantities”.

Above all, it includes both living and lifeless things and is rich and vibrant. Thus, modern age people should also learn from past ages people and begin to value nature before getting very late.

In addition, to many artists, writers, poets, etc. of past, nature has been a source of inspiration, like William Wordsworth. We can see his many nature friendly compositions such as, To A Butterfly.

Our extraordinary nature inspired them to write new stories, poems, and compositions fulfilled with nature’s glory. Even today, we can feel the valuable nature reflected in their compositions.

One such great writer has written a beautiful line, which is a truth on nature i.e., “By discovering nature, you discover yourself!” In this Nature Essay, we will examine topics such as, Nature Importance, Nature Conservation, and many other key points deeply.

Nature Importance

Nature has been existing since very long before humans, and it has cared for humanity and forever nurtured it. It surrounds us a protective layer that protects us from every type of harms and damages.

Humanity is impossible to exist without nature and we need to understand this. If the nature is capable to secure as, it is enough strong to completely end the human race. Every part of nature has its own importance and significance to everyone, for instance, plants, animals, mountains, etc.

Absence of one of its elements is enough to cause a havoc in the human life. We keep our lifestyle healthy through eating and drinking healthy, whatever nature provides. Likewise, it gives us food and water, which makes us fit and healthy.

The two most important necessity to exist on earth are derived from nature itself that are, sunshine and rain. Moreover, the wood we use to make daily using furniture and for several other purposes is the present of Nature only.

Furthermore, the three life supporting elements that are atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere, in other words, air, water, and land are also the part of nature. However, the technological progress has blindfolded us and we are not careful to nature.

The need for conserving and balancing the natural assets are increasing per day.

Nature Conservation

We must take instant steps right today to stop further damage, in order to conserve nature. The first most vital step to save nature is to stop deforestation at all costs. At various levels, deforestation or cutting of trees has some very serious results.

It can bring drought on a large level and also cause soil erosion. As polluting water resources like rivers and oceans causes a lot water shortage, it must be banned strictly today by all industries.

Emission of Chlorofluorocarbon is there over a large-scale through access uses of ACs, automobiles, that makes severe holes in ozone layer. And, in result, it spreads Global Warming, which results in melting of our ice caps and glaciers, and thermal expansion.

Thus, we should try our best to use public transport, instead of having private vehicles. We should invest in solar energy to give a chance to replenish for the natural resources.

We all must conserve nature, because it does not emerge instantly, it takes billions of years to arise. According to some researchers, it has calculated that about 4.5 billion years has our nature taken to form.

Nature Day

World Nature Conservation Day or Nature Day is celebrated every year on 28 July to remember entire humankind about the Nature Importance and Nature Conservation. “Nature Day 2021 Theme” is “Save Nature“.

Nature Day 2020 Theme was not decide because of COVID-19 pandemic, but nevertheless a lot people shared messages highlighting The Natural Resources Conserving Importance, The Importance of practicing sustainable living, and of mindful use of natural resources.

The day is observed globally or over the entire world to aware us about the best ways and methods to conserve every natural resource. This day convinces that a healthy environment is a foundation for a productive and stable community.

This day also ensures the goodness of our present and future generations.

In conclusion, there is a powerful transformational power in nature that is responsible for the life functioning on earth. As nature is one of the most necessary thing for development of humanity, so it is our duty to conserve it for ease and comfort of our future generations.

We should prevent the selfish activities and try our best to conserve natural resources, so that for forever life can be flourished on our beautiful Earth.

FAQs on Nature Essay

Q1. “What is Nature?”

A1. Nature is a significant and inseparable member of humanity. It is an excellent blessing for humankind. Actually, nature is everything by which all of us are surround. We refer the whole physical world spread around us in a wide sense as Nature.

This beautiful mixture of our surrounding is denoted as our nature. In other words, nature is our mother. The term “Nature” is derived from a Latin word, “Natura” that means “Essential Quantities”.

What do you think?

Q1. “On which day, we celebrate World Nature Conservation Day every year?

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