My Dream House Essay

My Dream House Essay
My Dream House

My Dream House Essay

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My Dream House will be as large, beautiful and attractive as a palace, where I wish to live with my family, my grandparents, parents, uncle, aunt, and siblings.

It should be a big House with four bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining hall, a courtyard, a living room, four bathrooms attached to each bedroom, and a garden around the house.

My Dream House should be constructed by cement, bricks, marbles, and tiles, consisting of all modern facilities and amenities and be well airy and ventilated. The porch should be above the dining hall.

I will be really fortunate to have My Dream House in reality. Splendid grapes vines here and there would make it even more beautiful.

And the garden around my house will add greenery to it and cool the eyes of the observer. Other than this, it should consist four large trees at the four corners of my house, one of mango, second of pomegranate, next of apple, and the last of henna, which would provide us both sweet fruits and shade.

Also, vintage switchboards should provide it a unique look. My Dream House will include very high ceilings and would locate at a hustle-bustle place.

My garden around my dream house would have lovely, fluffy and tender grass with numerous plants in earthen pots.

In addition, it should locate in between of two roads and connected with two neighbours. Moreover, it will have two entry gates, one from front and another from backend. It would be painted with white and blue colours.

Interior of My Dream House

My dream house’s interior would be a mixture of vintage and modern architecture and consist of almost every modern facilities and amenities.

In addition, the Floor will entirely marbled and the kitchen should wide and very comfy to cook. Next to the kitchen, there would be the living room and one of its door should open to a huge balcony, which will have a lovely view of a park and a playground present just at the other side of my garden and the road.

The bathroom too will wide, well ventilated and tiled with a shower and a tub. All the four rooms should stylishly beautified and furnished. A long woollen carpet would cover the floor and one beautiful painting should hang on a wall.

My house’s dining table will in oval with costly glass classic covering. The interior walls of the house should be painted white, light blue and light yellow to give a bright look.

They all will add to the grace and beauty of my dream house. And all of these facilities and amenities would make my house a very delightful place.

I virtually praise the beauty of my dream house. My Sweet Dream House would be My Ideal Place and I would feel safe, secure, comfy and delightful to live there.

FAQs on My Dream House Essay

Q1. “What is Dream House?”

A1. A person’s Dream House is The Delightful Place that he / she dream to live in with his / her family members and loved ones. Also, it is not important that your dream house must have all of the modern facilities and amenities.

A House is only complete if you are secure in four walls and have a roof over your head. And it will be icing on the cake if you have your loved ones around you.

What do you think?

Q1. “How would be your dream house?

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