October 30, 2020

Global Warming Essay

Global Warming Essay Conclusion

Global Warming

Global Warming Essay

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Almost all of us are properly acquainted with this famous term “Global Warming”. However, most of us are not apparent with its meaning. So, the phenomenon of gradual increase in complete temperature of earth’s atmosphere is referred as Global Warming.

Several kinds of activities are happening which are gradually raising the temperature. It is exceedingly destructive for humanity as well as for the whole Earth. Global Warming is very swiftly melting our ice caps and glaciers too.

Controlling Global Warming is quite challenging, but bearable. The first step to solve any problem is to identify its cause, which will assist us in resolving it. In this Global Warming Essay, we will deeply examine its causes, solutions and many other key points.

Global Warming Causes

Global Warming has become a serious issue that has a critical need of numerous actions and inseparable attention. This is increasing due to not only one cause, but also many causes of both Natural and Human-Made.

Natural Causes of Global Warming

The continuous release of Greenhouse Gases those are not capable to escape through the earth’s atmosphere increases the temperature through capturing most of solar rays and stopping them from escaping the Earth’s surface.

Carbon dioxide, Methane, and Nitrous Oxide are some Examples of Greenhouse Gases. In addition, for Global Warming, Volcanic Eruptions are responsible as well. This is because, it emits tonnes of CO2 (Carbon dioxide), which place of very vital role to increase Global Warming.

Likewise, a big problem is Methane gas. Than carbon dioxide, methane is about 20 times more effective to trap heat. Generally, it is released in areas such as, landfills, animal waste, natural gases, etc.

Human-Made Causes of Global Warming

The excess usage of fossil fuels and automobiles raises the carbon dioxide levels. Additionally, activities such as animal husbandry and mining are extremely detrimental for our environment.

Deforestation is one of the common and well-known problem that is swallowing our trees day by day very fastly. Therefore, there will be nothing to regulate CO2, when the largest carbon dioxide absorption source will over.

Therefore, it will result in extreme Global Warming. Immediate steps must be taken to improve Earth again and prevent Global Warming.

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Global Warming Solutions

Global Warming can be prevented when joint efforts are taken. Similarly, as stated prior, it may be challenging, however, not unmanageable. For getting rid of this, not only an individual, but also the government has to take steps.

And we should start up with the reducing of greenhouse gases. Contrary to popular belief, greenhouse gases do not naturally degrade. In reality, on the Earth, for humankind, greenhouse effect has its own significance.

All the radiation of the sun will reflected to the atmosphere, freezing the surface and making life improbable.

Moreover, we should monitor gasoline consumptions and switch to a hybrid car to rebate the discharge of carbon dioxide. Furthermore, always try to choose public transport. Most importantly, recycling must be promoted.

For instance, whenever you go for shopping, handle your own cloth bag. Next step you can perform is to limit the consumption of electricity which will assist to lesser the release of carbon dioxide.

If we talk about the government’s behalf, this should reduce industrial waste and prevent industries from draining injurious gases to open air. Deforestation must be stopped instantly; instead, reforestation and afforestation must be encouraged.

In conclusion, everyone should realise the reality that our Earth is not well. It needs to be treated immediately and we can help to cure it. Today’s generation should be critically responsible to stop Global Warming to prevent the suffering of our future generations.

Thus, every small step, no matter how little is it; it has a lot weight and is quite important in preventing Global Warming. We can say that our Earth is sick and we need to heal. Many problems for humanity has already caused only we need to prevent disasters for our future.

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