October 21, 2020

Essay On Save Earth

Essay On Save Earth

Essay On Save Earth

Life is possible on Earth only due to its resources. It would not have been possible to imagine our life without these resources.

Since there is no life possible without air, water, land, vegetation and sun. The earth provides us resources in limited way.

Humans have become very selfish and finishing the earth’s resources rapidly. We need to save Earth to protect our future. Thus, every organism depends on Earth for its existence. You are reading Essay on Save Earth.

Our Need – Earth

“Earth is Our Need” is an understandable statement because it shows the value of Earth. Earth has a great harm by the selfishness and greediness of humans.

Due to these activities, almost every natural resources are polluting day by day.

When all the resources will be in endangerment, life of every living organism will be naturally endanger. Therefore, there is a need to protect Earth from every way.

The main worry is to Save Our Earth and every other problems are secondary. This is because when earth will be no more. All other problems will automatically finish up.

Importance of Save Earth

Earth is the only all we have. Life is only possible on Earth. Thus, we haven’t any other option on which we can move forward.

This makes Earth more precious. This makes us serious to Save Earth to Save Life. Now if we will not take strict actions, we will lose the opportunity to see our further generation thrive forever. You are reading Essay On Save Earth In English.

Being humans, we must come forward to Save Our Mother Earth.

Why should we Save Earth?

For our Life existence, Our Planet Earth is most important. This is because there is no other planet discovered which supports life rather than earth.

Its resources are the only, which made it a life-supporting planet. Earth has water, atmosphere, land and other living organisms, which together make favourable conditions to live on Earth.

How to Save Earth?

Humans are only required to take actions to Save Earth’s Resources and Earth itself. A small effort will go a long way.

For instance, if a person stops to drink water from plastic bottles, hundreds of plastics can be conserved.

What caused Damage to Earth?

In ancient times, people were not involved in any work that causes Damage to The Earth. Therefore, there was not any Ecological problem.

Population and Deforestation

After excessive growth of population, people started to make cities and industrialization reached its peak. They began to cut trees, which are the boon to the earth.

Consequently, from the above sentence, people involved in deforestation. And this leads a huge change in humanity. In addition, it is the threat to the Wildlife. You are reading Essay On Save Earth In English.

Moreover, it causes Global Warming. Furthermore, due to this, there are natural climatic changes occurring.


Today pollution is becoming huge issue facing to us in these current years because it is harming our beautiful, clean and neat Earth.

Pollution is mainly increasing by bad human activities. And by pollution some natural changes occurs such as, increasing temperature, volcanic eruption, global warming, etc.

All four types of pollution are killing world badly.

Digging and Mining

As the demand for fossil fuels like, ores and coals are increasing. This led to consistent Mining and Digging in Earth. This is the most vital reason for the frequent Earthquakes.

Solutions of Earth’s Problems


First, Deforestation is increasing very much day by day. So, we have to do plantation, afforestation and reforestation in the place of cutting trees.

We can enhance our life quality by restoring balance in nature. Moreover, this can be only possible by planting more and more trees. You are reading Essay On Save Earth In English.

Water Conservation

Likewise, we must reduce wastage of water. It will create a huge impression on water conservancy, when we save water at individual level.

We ought not to dump garbage in water bodies and pollute them. Most importantly, it is our need to save water because it is flowing very fastly in the oceans and seas.

That’s why, despite of having lots of water on earth we listen shortage of water on some places.

In fact, only 0.01% of water is present as fresh and drinkable water on the surface.

If we take a bucket of water as water overall water of the Earth, amount of freshwater is only one fourth of a teaspoon!

Furthermore, saving electricity and awaking community for saving Earth is also a part of this.

Earth Day

We always must Save Our Earth everyday by small steps. However, we give it more importance on Earth day, which falls on 22nd apple annually.

We celebrate Earth day to demonstrate our love and support for environmental protection.

First, we celebrated this earth conservation Day on 1970 in United States of America. Now it is an event evenly celebrated globally over 193 countries.

To sum it up, the government and people must save earth unitedly. We should spread awareness to society about saving Earth. You are reading Essay On Save Earth In English.

We can teach people about the various methods and ways of conserving our Earth.

If all these effective effort starts happening, we can certainly save our earth and make it brighter.

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