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Deforestation Essay

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Almost all of us are properly acquainted with this famous term “Deforestation” and its meaning. Cutting down of trees in a large amount in forests is Deforestation. For our environment, it has already been a threat, however, many people still perform this evil doing.

In addition, Ecological Imbalance is happening due to Deforestation. Nevertheless, some selfish do not once think so, in order to fill their pockets. Therefore, the government is taking heavy measures to stop the harm to Our Environment by Deforestation.

The Main Deforestation Objective is to increase The Land Area. This land area is to establish new industries, and in return, they give us pollution. And, this is due to rise in population, and as the population rises, the products demand will also raise up.

Therefore, for increasing profit, rich businesspersons and executives invest in it. We are losing almost all of Our Natural Resources. This is happening because of not only one factor, but also several factors that is swallowing our beautiful Earth and one of its cause is Deforestation.

Deforestation is happening at very fast rate due to bad human activities. Also, its effects are severely harmful. By doing deforestation, we are not only damaging to our vegetation, but also to the living organisms.

If we will firstly understand The Deforestation Effects and try to stop it, it will be easier for us. In this Deforestation Essay, we will examine some important topics such as Deforestation Effects, How to Stop Deforestation, and many other key points deeply.

Deforestation Effects

There are several Deforestation Effects on Earth. Some of them are listed below:

Global Warming: One of the main cause of our environment and climate change is global warming. Now seasons are delaying. Additionally, there is the imbalance in their rates. Due to it, the temperatures are also raising up to Extreme heights.

In the plains, highest was 50° C temperature, which all of us have bear. Moreover, the glaciers and ice caps in The Himalayan Ranges and Poles are liquidating. In result, the coastal areas and its populace of the world are affecting by floods.

And due to it, The Amount of Oxygen in The Atmosphere will decrease a lot and naturally Carbon Dioxide amount will increase. Furthermore, the appropriate drinking water proportion is decreasing as well.

Soil Erosion:

Soil Erosion is about to remove the entire upper layer of the soil. Whenever there is removal of trees or deforestation, it occurs, because the roots of the trees bind up the soil and prevent it from escaping from there.

The soil has its own importance. We cannot plant trees and plants without it, as it supplies them food, water and minerals. In return, trees help the soil not to erode by binding it. The agents of soil erosion are wind, water, animals, humans, snow, etc.

In addition, due to this, disaster like floods, landslides and many other occurs. Therefore, we can say that, for several floods, terrible landslide, and various avalanches, soil erosion is badly responsible.

Water from heavy rain will directly overflow to the society in areas where people are living and will cause several diseases, if there will be no trees.

Effect on Water Cycle: As by transpiration in leaves of trees, they release the water of the soil, therefore, deforestation is decreasing the amount of water in our environment. It results in less cloud formation. And due to it, proper rain is not received by the agricultural fields.

Therefore, indirectly, it is harming humankind only.

Danger to Wildlife: Deforestation is harming Wildlife at all costs. Animals have forests as their habitat, and if we will cut it, either they will wreak havoc in populous places or die.

Several animals such as Tasmanian Tiger, Dodo, and Subre-Toothed Cat already have been vanished, and many of them are on the tip of extinction. This all is because they have lost their habitat. For wildlife protectors, it is one of the major problem.

How to Stop Deforestation?

Deforestation can be stopped from several measures. Firstly, we all must do afforestation that means planting trees in forest. Secondly, we all must do reforestation that means replanting of trees in place of cut trees for resolving the loss of the cut trees.

Furthermore, plant based products users should raise. We should not waste paper. The more the demand, the more the supply will occur. Like this, to meet these requirements, trees will be cutting continuously.

Government should force various industries to increase plantation of more trees. Also the environment will be benefited from. In addition, little plants should be also grown in every house.

Above all, the government should take strict action against the trees cutting industries, especially who are cutting trees illegally.

Deforestation Impact

The impact is large, whenever we cut down on a single tree. Now think up, how much harmful it would be, if we cut down the entire forest on the earth at once. For fulfilling the human needs, we do deforestation.

We cut down forest in order to meet the industrial, residential, agricultural and many other needs. Until hundred years ago, most of the Earth surface was covered up by forests, but today, we do not let most of them left.

Thus, we all must jointly prevent this by occurring and saving our lives as well as conserving our Earth. Humans must not be so selfish to homeless other animals for sheltering themselves, and harm their vegetation for creating beautiful gardens for own sake.

Thus, the lesser the demand, the better the forests condition also. At last, these all steps will together lead to a better tomorrow and will assist the environment to regain its power.

FAQs on Deforestation Essay

Q1. “What is Deforestation?”

A1. Cutting down of trees in a large amount in forests is Deforestation. For our environment, it has already been a threat, however, many people still perform this evil doing.

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