Article Writing Tips

Article Writing Tips is like a way to express our knowledge step by step. Article writing is like an intimidating for every student nowadays, but it is wrong, we do not have to think so. If you will study the Article topics and follow my tips given below, you can easily write any type of Article very fastly and easily without any problem. By these tips your English exams marks will not be deducted and you can develop your writing skills, vocabulary and creativity of your mind. By this students can overcome the lackness of skills.

The amount of work is very huge and for certifying that, the syllabus is covered we have to make changes and expand our study time. We all must revise our exam topics carefully. Every child gets homework in the school and at last the child become so much encumber, to overcome these heavy burdens you can go to professional Article writing website that is on this website you will get all types of Articles and it will help you in writing them.

I have faced this Article writing problem that’s why I think to help the children by providing them Article writing tips and topics, you can find the Article on this website I recommend you this website because it has very top quality and catchy Articles. If the children Article writing topic is boring the children felt that it is boring to write Articles but they did not know that from where they have to start. The Article writing tips that are provided below by reading and understanding them you can write Article positively and fortunately.

Here are “9 Tips and tricks for Article Writing Tips” on writing an excellent Article.

1. Read the cause of Article….

2. Take a topic….

3. You make an outline of your related Article….

4. Adding the scientific statement of topic. …

5. Write the introduction of topic

6. Write the body of topic. …

7. Write the conclusion of topic. …

8. Editing in Article…

9. Add some closer effect….

You can choose any type of Article before begin to write the Article. Article is divided into four types that are:

  • Persuasive Article
  • Narrative Article
  • Descriptive Article
  • Expository Article

Article Writing Tips and tricks are given below:

  • Read the cause of Article

Read the cause of Article which you have chosen and try to understand that, what is its reason, attentively. This is the very important part of Article writing. On this part so many people get confused but no need to be afraid try to understand the topics and its main points. If you are not able to write, discuss it with someone else. If you are a beginner start with writing word in limit like of 150 words or 200 words, and day by day increase your words, after some days to try to write 1000 words, after that you will become a professional Article writer.

  • Take a topic

Take a topic about which you know very well if you are a beginner. If you want to write topic about which you do not know very well, read about that topic on internet, otherwise you will feel that it is boring to write Article. If you know about the Article very well so you can take your well known topic. Sit very cool and calm before starting to write your Article. Apply your thoughts and new ideas because it will give a beautiful, new, impressive and unique look to your Article. You can write more words on known topics more than unknown topics, so try to learn more and more topics. You can also take the help of some books and internet to write the best Article, the best website of Article providing is

  • Make an outline of the topic

Before starting to write the Article try to make an outline of whatever topic you are writing. Write the main ideas and keywords of the topic and focus them and their related the most. They also have your unique thoughts and ideas. You can also create an outline by dividing the Article in three main parts that are “introduction”, body, conclusion at last.

Write the “introductory” of the topic in it you can write about that topic then, write the body of the Article in it you can write its problems, advantages and disadvantages, etc. This is the backbone of your “Article writing tips”. On this part of Article so many people got stuck and they do not understand that what to write in the body of the Article and at last write the conclusion of that topic. It should have mostly good and happy endings in it you can write the solution of problems, the profit of advantages, cause of disadvantages and how to decrease it, etc. It will work as a whole skeleton system and keeps your Article upright. It will arrange your Article in right way and make it unique, impressive and beautiful Article Writing Tips.

If you did not understand the outline, it is given in clear format below:

Introductory of the topic

  • About the topic.

Body of the topic

  • Problems.
  • Information.
  • Advantages and disadvantages.
  • Add a Scientific statement

Conclusion of the topic

  • Happy ending.
  • Solution of the problem.
  • Profit of advantages.
  • Causes of disadvantages and how to decrease it.
  • Adding a Scientific statement

You can also add an interesting theory, scientific statement, argument and summary to it, this will make your Article best. If you are not getting them search them on internet. Wherever you want to apply it in your Article you can apply. Your all statement should be authentic you must not write wrong statements, because it will spread a wrong message in the community.

  • How to write the introduction of any topic

The introduction is the part which contains horrifying disclosures, dialogues, etc. It will act as a hook that should tie the people who read your Article. On it, only try to describe about the topic clearly in an introduction part of the topic “Article Writing Tips”.

  • How to write the body of an topic

This body part of the Article is the main part of the Article. It should contain statics, research or information on the topics. You can also add some new data of any survey, of that topic in your Article. This part should be the longest in all of three parts of the Article. This part should be most impressive, catchy and beautiful. Body depends that any person should read your Article, or not. You can write any argue in it. Body should contain the main things from ideas, thoughts, problems, etc. not any type of useless thing.

  • How to write conclusion of any topic

Conclusion is as important as the body of the Article. You can also make it short from the introductory and the body. In this concluding or ending part, you can summarise your all thoughts and ideas and stop your topic. Don’t add any new thing in this part only restate the earlier ones.

  • Editing your Article

Your Article is not completed yet, it’s time to edit your Article and make it more beautiful and impressive that anyone cannot ignore it from reading. Again read your Article line by line and remove all the errors and mistakes if any found. Check your Article writing structure, that is correct, or not. This tips given by “Article Writing Tips”

Check and certify that most powerful lions are visible earlier than the others, write the other lines after them. Ensure that the grammar of every line is clear and correct, their spelling and punctuation must be correct if not, correct them. Read your Article again and again until you become confirm that there are not any lines which do not have a sense and the whole Article must be in flow if not, remove that obstacle line and make it correct. Remove all useless types of lines in your Article.

Then count the words that how many words have you written it should be more than 200 words for a beginner, 500 words for a middle one and 1000 words for a professional, if not practice again and again on different topics. If you are not able to read and find mistakes by your own in your Articles give it to your relatives like friends for reading it and then ask from them of your mistakes and correct it, if you cannot do this, there are website present on internet that do the editing in Article.

For writing impressive Article vocabulary and synonyms power must be good because to make Article more magnificent, you should take any new and unique words or its synonyms in your Article and then you complete “Article Writing Tips”.

  • Apply some closer effects

When you will finish all types of editing, give some closer effects to your Article for making it great and grand Article. Do not feel that you have completed your Article because there are some things left that are the slogans, quotes, etc. And that should include in your Article. This is the most beautiful thing of any Article. It is the most beautiful thing in all types of Articles. Every Article should include it. It must spread a positive message in our community.

Congratulations! Your most beautiful and impressive Article is completed now, it does not have any mistake.


1. Conclusion will not be as same the introduction ,Because it makes the Article boring. It will make the Article weaker.

2. Combine all your ideas and thoughts ,And they must have a interrelation among themselves. Buy this nothing will skip.

3. be most attentive to your body and introduction.


1. Copy the introductory to the conclusion.

2. Do not make an interrelation among your ideas and thoughts.

3. Write most sentences in passive voice.

So many peoples do not like I or me in the Articles, so do not try to write it this everywhere and all time in your Article Writing Tips.

If you have any query or question ask to me in the comment box, I will try my best to clear your confusion and I will try to answer you fastly.